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Experience rest, relaxation, and reengagement with our hunting-themed ministries

Are you a senior level clergy member or spouse in need of rest and relaxation? Do you want to connect with like-minded peers and engage in meaningful conversations about life, work, and family? Look no further than Shepherds’ Shoot Ministries.

Our retreats offer a unique blend of recreation and learning, designed specifically for pastors and their spouses. We provide opportunities for hunting, fishing, and other leisure activities, as well as facilitated discussions that will help you build community and find refreshment in your ministry. Retreats are hosted at various locations which provide leisure activities, group meeting places, and privacy for each participant.

Rest and Refresh in the Splendor of God’s Creation

Here is just some of the activities we offer through our retreats:


Enjoy the stillness of the site as you spend time on one of our hunting retreats.


What better way to experience the genius of God's creation than by casting a line and reeling in a fish? At Shepherds’ Shoot Ministries, we offer fishing retreats that are designed to help you focus your mind, and deepen your faith.

Skeet Shooting

Spend time on the range with fellow participants as you shoot skeet. This time of comradery provides the opportunity to relax and enjoy some friendly competition.

Rest & Leisure Time

Our retreats offer a range of activities designed to help you unwind and recharge. With our emphasis on community and nature, you'll have plenty of opportunities to reconnect with your spouse and build deeper relationships through God.

Each retreat includes:

Upcoming Retreats

Our locations are carefully chosen to provide the perfect balance of group meeting spaces and privacy for each participant. Whether you’re looking to recharge your batteries or deepen your spiritual practice, Shepherds’ Shoot Ministries has the retreat for you. Typically each event is around 3-4 days.

Partner with Shepherds' Shoot

Shepherds’ Shoot Ministries understands the importance of supporting senior clergy members and their spouses in their roles as spiritual leaders. That’s why we partner with churches to provide an easy and seamless way for pastors and their families to access our retreats. By partnering with us, churches can offer their senior clergy members a unique and restorative experience.

By partnering with Shepherds’ Shoot, you’re providing pastors and their wives with an opportunity to rest and reset while investing in their spiritual well-being. Pastors face immense pressure as they fulfill their responsibilities to the church, and often, their own needs are neglected in the process. By sponsoring a retreat, the church demonstrates its commitment to supporting their pastors’ physical, emotional, and spiritual health, allowing them to return refreshed and recharged. Additionally, attending a retreat with other pastors and their spouses can create a sense of community, providing a supportive network for years to come.

What Our Participants Have to Say

Hear from pastors and their spouses who have attended our retreats

Tim and Heather Williams

Lake Fork Retreat

Tim and Barbara Shirley

Lake Fork Retreat

John and Robin Tanner

Lake Fork Retreat

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